Friday, February 12, 2010

Junkin' It Up!

Welcome to my new blog!

So, the story goes a little somethin' like this...
I've learned over the years as an artist and crafter that I can really junk things up. I get stuff dirty, bring in this' and that's, add more that's and possibly some stuffs & then I call it art! The best thing is that I actually enjoy doing it! So, since I have all these projects laying around, I thought I might as well share all of my junky little sweets! I hope you enjoy all of my goodies and treats...I'll be starting to post blogs and pics soon.

Oh, and since I'm here at the computer... on my the "new blog" section...typing out a blog...How's about I go ahead and give you the link to my Etsy Shop!?! It's Feel free to visit my main website at and my other blog as well:!

Soon, this blog may very well be updated with Succulent Darlings, Dainty Fluffies, Jolly Junky Jips, Junky Blossoms, Delightful Chitties, Cool Kitty Correspondences, Pretty Parcels, Delicate Bits & Bots, Frankly Jiblets & possibly even Delicately Decorated Droobles that will fer sure have you licking yer lips, shakin' yer hips, takin' down tips, mendin' yer rips & slurpin' coffee sips with excitement!

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